Nano-Titanium and Ceramic Travel Hairsetter Maximize

Nano-Titanium and Ceramic Travel Hairsetter

With jumbo (1-1/2")  size hot rollers.

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• 5 jumbo rollers (size 1 ½”- 38 mm) for maximum root lift: the perfect roller size for creating body, waves and loose curls• Dual voltage for travel with voltage switch control• Kit includes 5 hot rollers, 5 butterfly clips and 5 metal clips• Nano-titanium is an exceptional conductor of heat, is stable at ultra-high temperatures, and provides optimum heat performance• Ceramic, a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat, eliminates frizz and seals in moisture, leaving hair smooth and shiny• Ceramic and nano-titanium evenly distribute heat, eliminating damaging hot spots• Soft velvety roller surface offers optimum grip and protection to prevent hair damage or breakage• Stay cool ends on the rollers for easy handling• Indicator light• Ultra fast heat up• “Heat ready” dot on one of the rollers changes colour when the rollers are ready for use